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If you are looking for vodafone then click here The phantom stood nearby motionlessly and with an unexpressed reproach looked at it. "Here and so, - has muttered Nammu. - Well..."
He did not know, this boldness whence undertook. Few days back he would turn the tail, would run in horror that was forces. Now, whether the weariness has dulled fear, whether forthcoming business has appeared more important its own life.
For it, anyway, more important. Daniel has slapped hands together, causing the butler. That has appeared immediately and has inclined a head, expecting the order of the powerful imperial favourite.
- Bring to me a jug of Chian wine, as usual, with a thyme, cinnamon and honey.
- Wish as well water? - The servant has specified.
- E, no, - without lowering a sight from a phantom, has shaken a head of Nammu. - It it is not necessary. And two bowls, - it is unexpected for itself, he has said.
- Your visitor still will return?
Daniel's surprise was so great that for an instant he even has forgotten about the incorporeal visitor. Fortunately, the respectful keeper of its rooms is not dared to lift eyes on the mister and consequently could not estimate on advantage the dumbfounded expression on his face. And that, possibly, has reflected, whether has overtired, hour, eborejsky the prophet.
- Perhaps, - has evasively squeezed out Nammu. - You bring.
Then, having waited, while the servant leaves, has spoken, hardly constraining to ask a small shiver.
- You wish to enjoy a bowl together with me or you enough one only spirit of wine?
The small closet which has been fenced off from an external world by a thick door, last days was a haven of Susanny.
Neither light, nor a sound did not get here. The only thing that diversified her life here is an occurrence of the supervisor bringing every morning a bowl of a watery soup and a dry barley flat cake a little. Before entering, through a small window at doors the supervisor demanded from the girl to be hammered into a far corner of the chamber and to sit there motionlessly while it, having left meal, does not leave in a corridor.
Even now, when the life seemed it almost ended, Susannu were amused with this precaution. It was possible to think that to it, thin and fragile, it will be possible to master in fight the strong, armed jailer.
When that night it have brought to a palace of Marduka, one of priests tried to convince her to confess that it operated on a pointer of tsarevitch Daniel called among eboreev by the prophet. He said that judges can forgive its crime for this tsarevitch has saved not so long ago to her a life, and she felt obliged; that it so is young and neopytna, and that it does not need to perish how much in vain; that all of them know. Susanna tried was to protest, and then has stopped, and only looked frowningly on doproschika, without having uttered more a sound. Since then about it as if have forgotten, and only the supervisor, as though between times, muttered, bringing it poor meal that, be it grow wiser, yes is sharper, would not pine here.
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